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We’ve turned a family business with tradition into a market leader through innovative products, advanced production methods and sustainable added value. This will remain our path, continuing to keep us at the top in the future.

We are the first partner that our customers turn to, and we have the best solution for every challenge. Our expertise and infrastructure allow us to develop optimal products – no matter what the task or timeframe.

We achieve our goals thanks to the tremendous motivation of our employees – coupled with the competence and commitment of our suppliers. We pursue a progressive environmental policy in all of our activities.

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AK reflects the diversity of the world. Our international locations keep us rooted regionally – which is why we offer the security and values of a family business, coupled with innovation and diversity.

Experienced professionals, career starters, trainees or dual-studies, students

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Our solutions

Thanks to our very large vertical range of manufacture, we’re able to offer optimally matched components for individual line systems from a single source. In this way, we achieve an optimal product that responds very flexibly to every requirement.

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