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The principle of integrity is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Conduct in compliance with the law and regulations forms the foundation of the trusting cooperation with our customers, partners, society and employees.

What’s more, the Auto-Kabel Code of Conduct establishes more far-reaching moral and ethical principles. Our whistleblower system (Whistleblower-Hotline) enables both employees and external stakeholders to communicate unethical and illegal behaviour within the company – confidentially and anonymously. This allows compliance violations to be identified at an early stage.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inspire differences.

At Auto-Kabel, we value and promote diversity and inclusion. Everyone has a right to equality and equal opportunities. For us, this isn’t just an obligation – it’s a blueprint for unchained potential, creativity, motivation and rich diversity.

Code of Conduct

The Auto-Kabel organisation is active worldwide as one of the leading companies in the development and production of solutions for energy management and energy distribution in the automotive industry.

Code of Conduct (CoC) (DE | EN)

Sustainability Report

We are aware of the importance of prudent corporate management geared towards long-term success, based on a fundamental understanding of social responsibility. For the Auto-Kabel Group, this means that we consider the consequences of our business decisions and actions in economic, technological, social and ecological terms so as to achieve an appropriate balance of interests.

We voluntarily contribute to the well-being and sustainable development of global society in the locations where we operate, within the scope of our relevant opportunities and fields of activity. We are guided by universally accepted ethical values and principles – in particular integrity and probity and respect for human dignity.