the + in the Southwest

„SW+ - Experience Germany's Southwest" is an online portal that features tips and ideas for people in the district of Lörrach. It is broken down into three general categories: work, leisure and life. The platform is aimed at anybody who might be looking for employment, relaxation or those just curious about what the region has to offer. Its goal is to pique people's interest in the region and, in doing so, encourage them to move, work or spend their free time here.

This portal was developed by Wirtschaftsregion Südwest GmbH in collaboration with the District of Lörrach as well as several businesses and organisations with the goal of introducing the region, its working world and its environment in such a way that even new arrivals feel at ease in the district. With that goal in mind, this southwestern corner of Germany is being presented as it is - namely with a wide range of different opportunities:   

+ action
+ success
+ family
+ leisure
+ future
+ quality of life
+ and much more  

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